Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mothers Day – I wanted to write a short post to wish a very happy mothers day to all those out there that instil love, peace and wonder into their children.

So here is to all the mumma’s out there. Whether you are a novice, just starting out on a new adventure or the more wiser of the bunch who know all the secrets there is to know, I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.


Brendan and Sabina’s Wedding – Anchorage Williamstown

When Sabina contacted me to photograph her wedding, I was so delighted.  She’d explained that her wedding was not only the second wedding in the family (her sister got married the week before), but it had been 8 years since her family were all together in the same country.  See, Sabina and Brendan live in Dublin, while her sister and parents are in Melbourne. So for this, and many other reasons, their wedding was going to be a pretty special day and I for one felt privileged to capture it for them.

Melbourne certainly didn’t disappoint and put on a glorious day.  Sabina and Brendan arrived on the ferry which docked at Gem Pier in Williamstown – what a way to make an entrance!  They graciously stepped off the ferry, and with the sun shining off Sabina’s dress, it was an entrance fit for a stunning bride.

We then headed to the Anchorage Restaurant in Williamstown where the ceremony and dinner took place.  Such a beautiful location with the view of the city in the background, The Anchorage was perfect in that it created the platform for what was a very sweet, loving ceremony. Surrounded by their close friends and family, this intimate wedding was something that will be remembered by those near and far.

Did I mention they were from Dublin??!! So it was fitting that they chose to be married on St Patrick’s Day.  Bringing with them a taste of home, they raised a glass and celebrated with a couple of green cocktails.

Here a just a few of my fav’s from the day.



Rozalia’s Baptism – Templestowe Melbourne

I had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful baptism a few week’s ago and loved every minute of it.  Rozalia was christened at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Haralambos, on Porter Street in Templestowe.

Thank you so much for letting me capture such a special day. I’m sure Rozalia is going to grow up to be such a beautiful young lady with the support of all her amazing family and friends.

Rozalia's christenting-2Rozalia's christenting-1BLOG-KADphotography-Williamstown-2aRozalia's christenting-8Rozalia's christenting-17Rozalia's christenting-27Rozalia's christenting-33Rozalia's christenting-43Rozalia's christenting-36Rozalia's christenting-77Rozalia's christenting-74Rozalia's christenting-76BLOG-KADphotography-Williamstown-3Rozalia's christenting-97Rozalia's christenting-102Rozalia's christenting-130Rozalia's christenting-121Rozalia's christenting-120Rozalia's christenting-155Rozalia's christenting-172

Tom and Danni’s Engagement Shoot

quote-engagementI have shamelessly been behind all my blogging so in between my little one sleeping, I will be playing catch up.

Last year Danni had entered my engagement shoot competition and won! Little did I know at the time that she was based in Adelaide however with regular visits to Melbourne we managed to organise a time to take some sweet photos.  We decided to go to St Kilda and it was like the stars had aligned (from a photographers perspective) as the weather was perfect and set the perfect backdrop to create some magical photos.  Just as the sun defended and just before the skies were going to turn nasty, we headed to the beach and took from I think, some magical photos of these two love birds.

Tom and Danni-KADphotography-engagement-williamstown-5Tom and Danni-KADphotography-engagement-williamstown-9Tom and Danni-16bwKADphotography Tom and Danni Engagement 2KADphotography Tom and Danni Engagement 3KADphotography Tom and Danni EngagementTom and Danni-KADphotography-engagement-williamstown-238KADphotography Tom and Danni Engagement 4Tom and Danni-KADphotography-engagement-williamstown-21Tom and Danni-KADphotography-engagement-williamstown-20Tom and Danni-KADphotography-engagement-williamstown-18

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Newborn lifestyle shoot

QUOTE-newbornHere is a portrait shoot I did a little while ago of a newborn baby and family.  You may recognise the beautiful people in these photos as I had previously taken their family portrait. Fast forward 12 months, and I’m photographing them again, but this time with the new addition to their family. I just love these images – she was such a little beauty – with the most beautiful little face and fabulous skin.  There is something so special about welcoming a new baby into the world.


Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-1Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-14Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-12Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-3Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-13Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-4
Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-6Newborn lifestyle-KADphotography-portrait-photography-williamstown-1-3Dharmakumara family - KADphotography-6bw